Ballers (blue)
by Thom Phoenix

Is a ball thrown or had? And can you do one while attending the other?

Available on a kellyunisex shirt with cardinal collar, charcoal bball sleeves & hotpink trim. Custom sewn for you and shipped within 3 days!
Thom Phoenix is known by many names around ZBQ HQ. Slacker isn't one of them.

Pieces by Thom Phoenix:
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COLLAR (cardinal)
white collarsilver collarcream collarsand collaryellow collargold collar
orange collarlightpink collarpink collarhotpink collarred collar
burgundy collarpurple collarlightpurple collarmint collarlime collarelectricgreen collar
kelly collaraloe collararmy collarforest collarbrown collardarkchocolate collar
navy collarroyal collarsapphire collaraqua collarceladon collarlightblue collar
heather collarcharcoal collarblack collar

SLEEVE (charcoal):

BODY (kelly):

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